Neko Baka Z

Stats Neko is the writer and artist for Amhelaki Misadventures, as well as a danger to the world when in the company of sugar. She will squeal over anime, comics and kitties, and spends a good portion of her money on anime. She admits to laziness when asked about updates, and to addictions to online comics and candy.

She'd like to warn the world that she is more hyper in real life than she can ever hope to portray online. Her goal in life is to become a successful author, make lots of money and donate to charities. It's also her goal to make life interesting for anyone who encounters her.

Currently, she is working on Amhelaki Misadventures, as well as another comic (unreleased, plus writing a dozen other stories, at the same time, going to university. She'd like to inform everyone that Amhelaki Misadventures is actually the result of a Writer's Craft course, and her playing with an existing storyline. Misadventures is the third book in the series. Right now, she's studying English as a Major, Fine Art as a Minor, and is very much amused with referring to herself in third person.

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